DuGood by Giving 2011

From now until the end of the year, we invite you to join us again in giving. Finance a loan with DuGood (https://www.dugood.org), and we’ll give you $250 ca…

How much money did the American public donate to Haiti?

(I forgot to mention the “Haiti” part in my previous question haha) But roughly, how much money was collected by the American public that was sent to Haiti?

Have you been in the check out line in a store and been asked to donate to a charity?

Don’t do it, the store is writing off your charitable donation on their own taxes. If you want to give to a charity, give on your own and get your own tax write off.

The Cavendish Hotel London – Giving Something Back

At the Cavendish Hotel London we are pleased to support many great charities. Here is a quick look at our past, present and future activities that support th…

Chi Omega Philanthropy 2011 – UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley’s Chi Omega raises thousands of dollars each year to benefit the children of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

should a muslim use a stolen item if he paid the same amount for chrity?

it is extremly difficult to repay the amount so i want to give to charity, should i keep the item?
after u i pay, should i keep the item?
i would like an answer from a muslim, not a christian.

We’ll get the position in jannah according to our good deed?

If yes
some of the people who are rich in the money & everything they’ll get the good position in jannah.
what about the poor people.

the People
Don’t have money to give charity
Don’t have money to learn knowledge
Poor peoples will get the lowest position?

if we compare us to Malik Abdulla (the kingdom of saudi arabia president) he gave more charity. when he return from America after his medical treatment.

we can’t do like that in our life…
what about us compare to him?